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Angstrom Sciences

Angstrom Sciences was founded in 1988 to supply advanced magnetrons and refined materials for plasma vapor deposition of high quality thin films. With a strong focus on research and development, the company soon patented several technical advancements in magnetics, water-cooling, and circular magnetron target clamping designs. The features of the Angstrom Advantage™ have created the most advanced and easy-to-use magnetrons in the thin film industry.

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  • Magnetrons

    Sputtering Magnetron

    Angstrom Sciences’ magnetrons are engineered to meet stringent thin film uniformity, target utilization, and sputter rate specifications. In addition to the advanced performance results provided by the profiled magnets and turbulent water flow of the Angstrom Advantage™, Angstrom Sciences’ magnetron sputtering cathodes offer a host of other efficiencies.


    Versatile, Compact Design

    ONYX® magnetron sputtering cathodes are ultra compact and specially designed for compatibility with complex multi-cathode cluster assemblies. This versatile construction allows scalability, making ONYX® magnetrons an ideal option for system upgrades and retrofit applications.


    Total Power Compatibility

    Low impedance sputter heads are RF, DC, mid-frequency DC, pulsed DC, and microwave power compatible.


    Standard Fittings

    Angstrom Sciences utilizes ISO NW standard fittings and Conflat® metal seal flanges. All utilities are maintained at atmosphere and are accessed through standard o-ring compression fittings for ease of installation in any vacuum system.


    High Performance

    Angstrom Sciences’ magnetrons operate at low process pressures, in the 10-4 Torr range and can deliver practical power densities in excess of 300 watts per square inch. Higher power densities allow ONYX® magnetrons to maximize both the process coating zone and target utilization without compromising sputter rate.


    Better Film Uniformity

    Standard ONYX® magnetron sputtering cathodes routinely provide deposition uniformities in the ±3 - ±5% range; however, Angstrom Sciences provides magnet arrays to suite client specifications. One research customer has even documented uniformity of ±0.1% with an ONYX® magnetron.


    Cleaner Process

    The addition of an anode shield permits operation at lower voltage and pressure, because the anode shield decreases the distance between the cathode and anode (ground plane). Shields also blocks debris from falling in the space between the anode and cathode, preventing electrical short circuits and arcing.


    Full Range of Sizes

    Angstrom Sciences’ circular magnetrons are available in 1-16 inch target diameters. Linear magnetrons are available in target widths of 1.5 to 12 inches and in target lengths from 1 to 13 feet. Rotating cylindrical magnetron sputtering cathode assemblies are designed to accommodate target diameters from 3-6 inches in diameter.


    Total Commitment

    Magnetron sputtering cathodes are Angstrom Sciences’ core product, and we are committed to making sure you have the highest quality sputter deposition tool. Every ONYX® magnetron is ensured against flaws in workmanship and materials for 2 years - the longest warranty in the industry. We stand ready to provide you any help you may need in specification, installation, start-up, and service.

  • PVD Materials

    PVD or Physical Vapor Deposition Materials comprise a range of metals that can be used in sputtering magnetrons to create thin films and coatings. Angstrom Sciences also offers a comprehensive selection of high-purity vacuum deposition materials including:

    - Aluminum - Aluminum Copper             - Aluminum Copper Tungsten
    - Aluminum Nitride              - Aluminum Oxide - Aluminum Silicon Copper
    - Aluminum Silicon - Antimony - Antimony Copper

    Read the Complete List of PVD Materials

    We utilize a variety of specialized processing techniques such as hot pressing, hot isostatic pressing (HIP), cold isostatic pressing (CIP), induction vacuum melting, and vacuum casting to produce homogenous, fine-grained, high-density materials that conform to the strictest application standards.


    High purity PVD Materials are essential for creating a stable coating and tight uniform pattern necessary in producing quality thin films and coatings. PVD Materials are either clamped or bonded to a black plane should thermal expansion cause the material to crack, the backplane holds the material in place so that sputtering may continue. The cathode's plasma errodes the target and the material needs to be replaced.


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