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Brooks Instrument

Flow Meter, Pressure Control, Vacuum Gauges and More

Flow meters and flow controllers by Brooks are a proven solution for flow measurement and flow control challenges. With over 60 years of experience, Brooks provides Coriolis mass flow, thermal mass flow, variable area flow meter, vacuum capacitance manometers, pressure control (pressure controllers, pressure gauges, pressure transmitters, pressure sensors and more), and level measurement technologies to improve your critical processes. 

For any industry, a partnership with Brooks is an investment in reliability, repeatability, accuracy and performance.

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  • Thermal Mass Flow Controllers & Flow Meters

    Brooks Instrument’s wide range of mass flow controllers and mass flow meters assures exactly the right device for your application. Brooks mass flow controllers are the acknowledged industry leader in quality and reliability with many devices in operation for over 20 years.

  • Obsolete Mass Flow Controller & Flow Meter Support

    Calibration & Repair Service
    Brooks has a vigorous program in place to ensure on-going service and repair support.

    See Link Brooks Service

  • Vacuum Capacitance Manometers

    Rugged, Stable Capacitance Manometers For Process Vacuum Measurement

    Brooks digital capacitance manometers incorporate industry-leading features that combine to improve measurement reliability, minimize drift, resist diaphragm contamination, and minimize thermal effects. The result is an exceptionally reliable capacitance manometer family for all vacuum measurement applications.

    An important benefit of a Brooks capacitance manometer is its advanced Mark-IV sensor. The sensor chamber contains surface areas that are not used in the pressure measurement; these surfaces provide locations for particles and condensable vapors to accumulate without affecting the sensor, dramatically reducing the need for re-zeroing and greatly extending sensor life. The sensor diaphragm is made from corrosion resistant Inconel®.

    Because they are fully digital devices, Brooks capacitance manometers operate over a wide dynamic range with extremely good accuracy.

  • Coriolis Flow Meters and Flow Controllers

    The first Coriolis device with built-in control

    Quantim® is the first miniaturized Coriolis mass flow controller that measures and controls flow directly, without any need to compensate for fluid properties or process conditions. Quantim's Coriolis technology, internal control valve and PID bring a new level of measurement accuracy and control all in one compact package.

    The Coriolis principle is not new to process flow measurement. It is a proven technology that has been employed in a wide variety of markets and applications for over 30 years. Although Coriolis has been widely used in high-flow processes, Quantim brings precise flow measurement and control to lower-flow applications.

    Quantim Coriolis controllers and meters provide unsurpassed performance, reliability, repeatability and control in demanding low-flow applications. The Brooks Coriolis portfolio covers virtually every need you may have, including:

    • Metal seal devices for the vacuum thin film and semiconductor industry
    • NEMA 4X/IP66 MFCs for wash down applications
    • Downport MFCs for installation and service ease
    • High-pressure capability for demanding research applications

  • Direct Liquid Injection Vaporizer Systems

    The Brooks family of extremely high-performing direct liquid injection (DLI) vaporizer solutions is designed for customers who require reliable liquid vaporization. Featuring unique atomization and heat exchanger technologies, these vapor delivery systems deliver pure vapor for every application. Applications include:

    • Water vaporization for fuel cell stack humidification and many other water addition applications
    • Liquid precursor vaporization for chemical vapor deposition (CVD), metal oxide chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD), and atomic layer deposition (ALD)
    • Depositing thin films for enhanced thermal, optical, or hardness characteristics such as diamond-like carbon coating and glass coating
    • Vaporizing monomers for vacuum polymer film deposition
    • Generating calibration vapor
    • Vaporizing liquid hydrocarbons
    • Many more

    Brooks' direct liquid injection vaporizer technology overcomes the many limitations of conventional vapor delivery systems. Bubblers, or vapor draw systems, are difficult to start and stop, require very close control of temperature and pressure, and are inefficient at generating well controlled vapor mass flow. Vaporizing valves, hot frit, heat tracing, and other "flash vaporizers" that apply heat to the liquid using a hot metal surface are also inefficient at generating vapor mass and frequently can cause thermal decomposition of the liquid precursor. None of these conventional technologies can eliminate the potential for liquid carry-over and its attendant problems.

    Furthermore, it is very challenging to determine precisely how much vapor mass is actually being delivered from a conventional vapor delivery system. In applications that require precise vapor mass addition, users must turn to secondary measurement/control devices such as vapor mass flow controllers, increasing the cost and complexity of the vapor module.


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