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inTaq Gel Boxes

Megatech present the market with flexible options for the choice of Sticky Box products from . Promoting our  global source CrysPacK for larger volume requirements and recommending UK supplier  inTaq for the smaller demands , appropriate for academic and research clients. Our hinged gel boxes are filled with industry-tested gel material to offer a good, low cost solution for the transportation and storage of any small, delicate or expensive parts. Semiconductor die, photonic assemblies, laser parts, MEMS components, lenses and medical devices including stents and bio-electronic components can be carried and stored with dramatic reductions in product damage compared to other methods.


The hinged boxes are made in a variety of industry standard materials, to ensure ESD protection, low particulation and low outgassing.

The ultra clean, low outgass non-Silicone material in the boxes ensures no gluing or eutectic bonding problems with the product carried in inTaq boxes.

To hold the product securely on the gel material, three standard levels of retention are offered Lo is low retention – Med is medium retention – Hi is high retention

The right level can be selected according to the product size, weight and surface finish. If in doubt, call for a free sample.

Printed matrices and other information can be added to the boxes at low cost. Do you have a preferred box, tray or other container? We can fill this with InTaq material so you can keep the same secondary packaging or internal rack/storage size.



  • Sticky Boxes

    CrysPack’s Sticky Boxes are comprised of a plastic hinged box with special gel coating applied directly to the bottom.

    The surface of the gel has intrinsic stickiness that effectively immobilizes the devices using only backside surface contact.

    The degree of holding force is intrinsic to the tack ability of the gel. Using surface tension, components are held in place and protected, even if the boxes are tilted, jarred, or turned upside down, yet they can still be easily removed.

    When you want to remove the item from the box, items can be removed by hand or using tweezers.

    Our gel is moisture proof, waterproof, able to bear ozone, heat and weather aging. The gel is an extremely durable and versatile material that maintains its properties between -60℃ to 200℃.

    Hinged boxes are available in different sizes. And hinged boxes are available in various bottom/top configurations using transparent (T), black (B), conductive black (CB), and transparent antistatic (CT) materials.

    A wide assortment of optional printed grid patterns are also readily available. Custom print artwork (grids, company name, logo, etc) can be produced upon request.

  • Sponge Boxes

    The Sponge Boxes are comprised of plastic boxes with sponge. The main material is EVA, PU, EPE, IXPE etc.

    The characteristics of the EVA foam is softness, elasticity, surface gloss, good chemical stability, ageing resistance, good ozone resistance strength and non-toxic.

    The heat retaining property, heat insulation property, sound-absorbing property, and shock resistance of PU sponge are very good. At the same time, it also has the advantages of being flame retardant and antistatic.

    EPE is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material. After the physical foaming, LDPE resin will generate numerous independent bubbles, which become EPE. It overcomes defects of the ordinary foaming: fragile, deformation and poor restorative properties.

    EPE is waterproof and moistureproof, shock proof, sound proof, heat resistant, good plasticity and toughness, recyclable, environmentally friendly, strong impact force, and many other advantages. It also has very good chemical resistance. EPE is the ideal substitute of traditional packing materials.

    IXPE foam is a new kind of environmentally friendly, non-toxic, tasteless, sound proof, heat resistant with good plasticity and toughness. IXPE is also Light-weight. And the hardness and thickness can be adjusted freely.

    We can choose the appropriate sponge packaging and design the sponge aperture for you according to your requirement.

  • Membrane Boxes

    CrysPack’s membrane boxes offer you the perfect solution for devices or large objects that have an irregular shape or non-flat contact surface.

    Membrane boxes are ideal for shipping 3D objects such as Test Sockets, Optics, Prisms, Lenses and Crystals. Membrane Boxes are constructed using a thin, highly elastic transparent film mounted to the top and bottom halves of a symmetrical box (Most boxes are made of clear polystyrene).

    When the box is closed, the device is suspended between the two transparent membranes which conform to the device shape and securely hold it in place.


    The high optical transparency of the membrane box packaging allows for inspection and visual checks without having to open the box.


    CrysPack is the global leader in Membrane Box technology. We have the broadest range of standard products plus the capability to provide fast turnaround on custom solutions and bespoke branding


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