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Our MegaCold product range comprises Water Vapour Cryopumps and Recirculating Water Chillers.


  • MegaCold Cryopumps


    Water Vapour Pumping Solutions


    The MegaCold Water Vapour Cryopump is the most cost effective addition to an existing vacuum system or as part of a vacuum pumping solution for new systems. The MegaCold can dramatically reduce pump down times and significantly improve product quality and throughput. In production this means more cycles per day . Typically 50-100% throughput improvements are achievable. The MegaCold works on the principle of Meissner trapping. Water vapour is captured by condensing onto a cryogenically cooled surface (a cryocoil) that is placed inside the vacuum chamber so pumping is not limited by pumping ports.



  • Service Representatives


    MegaCold Systems are supported around the world. Please see below a list of service support companies in your area.


    Areas Supported





    UK Ireland & mainland Europe


    Megatech Ltd

    Littleton Drive Huntington,

    Cannock, WS12 4TS

    UK Tel: +44 1543 500044

    Email: sales@megatechlimited.co.uk www.megatechlimited.co.uk





    USA, Canada & South America


    MegaCold Systems Inc

    1845 Piner Rd, Santa Rosa CA 95403 USA

    Tel: +1 707 578 6342

    Email: ben@megacoldllc.com www.megacoldllc.com





    South East Asia


    ShaiMahen Engineerings

    No. 1969 Jalan Pulai Jaya 53, Bandar Pulai Jaya, 81300 Skudai, Johor Malaysia

    Tel: +60 7-557 7605

    Email: mahen@shaimahen.com www.shaimahen.com







    Beijing Tiandijingyi Technology Co Ltd

    Building 2607, Room 6

    Qing Yuan Xi Li Qinghe, Haidian District Beijing 100192 Beijing, China

    Tel:+86 13911012577


  • MegaCold Water Chiller

    The CW-5200 is the industry standard for process cooling. An impressive 1.7 KW capacity will provide continuously cooled water utilising its intelligent temperature controller. 




    Power requirements: 220VAC, 1PH, 50HZ

    Current: 0.25-3.9 Amps

    Chiller power: 0.05KW

    Cooling capacity: 1.7KW

    Max water flow rate: 13 Litres per minute 

    Temperature control: within +/- 0.3 

    Water tank capacity: 6 Litres 

    Water connections: 10mm hose barb

    Weight: 26kg

    Dimensions: 58cm x 29cm x 47cm (L x W x H)


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