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The MegaCold Cryopump will increase product throughput in your existing vacuum system and improve the quality of deposition.

  • Pumping Speed to 149,000 l/s
  • Max Cooling Capacity (w)  : 2100

More details

General Specifications

  •     -100° to -150°C (-148° to -238°F, 173 to 123 K)
  •     Fast cooling, fast defrost
  •     Simple tube-type cold element (e.g., cryocoil or Meissner coil)
  •     Heat removal to 2100 watts
  •     Cryocondenses water vapor in vacuum systems with speeds to 596,000 L/sec, vacuum levels to 1.5 x 10-12torr, depending on model and application
  •     Provides very fast pumping speeds for water vapor, which is typically 65% to 95% of the gas load in high vacuum systems



  •     High-vacuum pumpdown time cut by 50% to 75%
  •     High-speed pumping of water vapor: 10,000 to 200,000 l/sec in the workplace
  •     Increased product throughput of 50% to 100%
  •     Typical payback times of less than one year
  •     Lower water vapor partial pressure during processing for higher quality, better adhesion and more reproducible deposition
  •     Superior in cost/performance to liquid nitrogen cooled Meissners


How the it works

The systems works on the principle of Meissner trapping. Water vapor is captured by condensation on a cryogenically cooled surface, called a Meissner coil. The Meissner (cryocoil) is mounted directly in the vacuum chamber so conductance is not limited by ports, manifolds, valves, and baffles. 


Choosing the right size cryopump

The cryopump units are sized based on the desired water vapor pumping speed and the ability of the chamber to accommodate the required amount of cold element (cryocoil) surface area. The larger the cryocoil, the greater the pumping speed. Typically, we recommend a minimum increase in chamber net speed of four times the existing (net in-chamber) water vapor pumping speed.



  •     Factory-charged with HCFC-free refrigerant
  •     Industry standard PLC with touchscreen interface
  •     Local and remote control
  •     Patented refrigerant technology, compliant with EU regulations

  •     ISO 9001 manufacturer


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